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Dental Filling

A dental filling will be used to fill the hole in your teeth that is left from a cavity.  Yes, a cavity.  While your mother told you while you were growing up that eating too many sweets would cause this to happen, it finally has.  You now have a cavity and it hurts.  It's only going to get worse until you get in to see the doctor as well.

You make an appointment and hear the bad news.  You have a cavity and now your dentist is talking about a dental filling.  But, what is this?  And, should you be scared?  Are you cursing yourself for not brushing your teeth or grabbing that last box of candy?  If so, you really do not have anything to worry about.  A dental filling is quite simple.

What Is A Dental Filling?

Understanding what a dental filling is is the first step in feeling better about your situation.  When you have a cavity, the cavity will cause the middle of your tooth to begin to decay.  The pain is caused when this decay reaches down far enough to hit a nerve ending.  In that case, it is time for some real help.

The dentist will remove the decay and cavity from the tooth.  You are then left with a large hole in the center of your tooth.  This is where the dental filling comes in.  The material will be added to the hole to stop any more decay and to allow you to use your tooth again.

There are some options in dental fillings.  For many people, we are used to metal filling such as gold or silver.  But today, there are more commonly used products called Composite Resin dental fillings.  They are made of plastic dental resin and look more normal than the metal choices.  They are strong as well.  They offer durable quality and they are often covered by the insurance companies as well.

Understanding if you need a dental filling or not is something that your dentist will talk to you about.  Often times, if you head in to the dentistís office with a toothache that is caused by a cavity, he will provide you with a dental filling right then.  The procedure is not all that painful and the results of the dental filling are perfect in most cases.

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