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Is dental bonding the answer to your prayers?  Dental bonding is a method of dental care that can completely transform the way that your teeth look.  It can help to restore your smile by re coloring teeth, reshaping teeth, restoring chipped or broken teeth as well as filling in gaps in your smile.  But, what is the product that is used?

Bonding, With What?

The product used in dental bonding is a resin.  You could compare it with the clay that a sculptor uses.  When it is wet it can be molded into virtually anything.  But, it then dries to a hard, very resistant material that can look just like teeth.  It works quite simply too.

What will happen in the dental bonding procedure is that the dentist will apply a thin coating of a plastic material.  Then, they will apply the bonding materials and create your teeth through the use of sculpting.  The dentist will sculpt and virtually create your teeth!  They will work with the material until the results are what you are after. 

After the dentist finds the right final result he or she will then use a high intensity light that will help to harden the plastic.  Once this happens, the dentist will then shine the surface to help it give that shine that teeth have.  You have a new smile within minutes!

Dental bonding is a process that is wonderful at providing a wonderful smile to all of those that are in need.  Fillings of this type can last up to seven years and other dental bonding will last up to eleven years.  Materials are always improving as well.  While you will not have new teeth, you will have the next best thing with dental bonding.

Dental bonding is often part of a dental health plan so make sure to ask before you get this procedure if it will be covered.  It is often used and there are very few risks involved.  Taking only minutes to accomplish, dental bonding is something that many people love to take advantage of!  Is it for you?  To know if dental bonding is something that can help to improve your smile, ask your dentist.

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