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No child nor any parent wants to hear about dental braces when they visit the dentistís office.  In most cases, this is not a good time.  While you may think that you can control the way the teeth look as a child grows, you may be surprised that much of the need for dental braces is hereditary.  Although, there are some causes, such as thumb sucking and pacifiers, that encourage teeth to grow the wrong way encouraging the need for dental braces.

But, why oh why did it have to happen to you?  Many parents dread dental braces because of the cost.  Kids, well, they donít want those nasty nicknames to go flying around the school playground.  Nonetheless, the procedure and the results have changed quite a bit over time.

Why Do You Need Them?

Dental braces can help you in many ways.  For example, they can help to straighten crooked teeth. They can help to align the top and the bottom teeth as well.  And, they can improve your smile and your face as well.  Dental braces are in fact a tool to help improve your overall look and the function of your teeth.

Did you know that dental braces can be used at any time in life?  While many people often benefit from braces that are done in children, so too can they be done in some adults.  In order for an adult to have effective procedures, though, surgery may be necessary. 

The procedure of dental braces involves the patient having devices put onto their teeth that will in effect force the teeth to align.  What is happening is that in a growing child, the teeth can be molded into place.  The jaw bones and the bone that is around the teeth themselves can also be molded into the right shape.  All of this is encouraged during the natural growth of a child.

The good news is that many dental braces have been improved to cause less pain and to allow for better results.  In many cases, invisible braces can be used to hide the devices that are placed on the teeth.  And, many times, the quality of work is very evident and well worth it anyway.  Dental braces are something that many kids need to have.

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