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Dental Veneers And You

Dental veneers can help to transform your life.  Many people have teeth problems.  For some people, the color of their teeth is embarrassing.  For others, chipped teeth, missing teeth or even crooked teeth can be a real heartbreaker.  If you are someone who is struggling with problem teeth, using dental veneers may be something for you.

What Are They?

Many people do not know what dental veneers are.  But, this wonderful product really can do so much to encourage you to smile.  Are you someone that can benefit from them?  Well, here are some things that dental veneers can do for you.

* There are two types of veneers:  porcelain and plastic.  They are placed over the top of your existing teeth to change the color of the teeth or to cover the shape of the tooth. 
* If you have teeth that are too big or too small, you may be a candidate for veneers. 

* If your teeth are uneven, you too may be a candidate for veneers. 
* If you have chipped teeth, oddly shaped teeth, crooked teeth or maybe even teeth with small holes in them, yes, you too may be a candidate for veneers.

How Does It Work?

Dental veneers are put into place with the use of a glue.  The veneers are very thinly shaped pieces of a special porcelain or plastic that are glued to the top of the teeth.  Usually, there is very little discomfort and therefore no anesthesia is used. 

Unlike crowns or dentures, the teeth are mainly left in place when dental veneers are used.  They simply cover the other tooth.  But, in some cases, the dentist may need to slightly chip away or remove a tooth to allow for the proper placement of the dental veneers. 

There are many advantages of using dental veneers.  First, you should know that they often cost less than crowns!  Thatís a plus!  They also never stain so your smile will stay nice and bright white!  And, for more added fun, you should know that the dental veneer you plan to get will likely last you from ten to fifteen years!  With all that said, there are some excellent reasons to purchase dental veneers!

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